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Oregon is fast becoming world renowned for the highest levels of artisanal quality hemp.

Hempsi produces a breakthrough new CBD oil, called LIVE OIL from Oregon grown hemp. It’s a premium, high-CBD, full-spectrum hemp extract.

Made from fresh frozen, USDA certified organic whole flower, and extracted with a cutting-edge, clean, cold hydrocarbon process, Hempsi’s LIVE OIL terpene profile is simply stellar. (Which is documented in our full panel COA.)

Key Facts About LIVE OIL

Premium full-spectrum hemp extract.

High CBD, USDA Certified Organic hemp grown exclusively for Hempsi.

Fourth generation organic family farm in Oregon.

Early harvesting at the peak of terpene intensity.

10%+ aromatic terpenes.

Flash frozen at -200 degrees, preserving compounds.

Clean hydrocarbon extraction direct from frozen flower.

Cold extraction at -110 degrees, gently releasing trichomes.

No winterization or filtration needed, for whole flower benefits.

Always less than 0.3% Total THC.

Consistent quality in every batch.

Year-round production for fresh picked flavor & highest potency.

Hempsi Whole Flower LIVE OIL is the highest quality and most potent cannabinoid concentrate on the market.


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DISCLOSURE: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program. The cannabinoids in HempsiTM is a natural constituent of industrial hemp plants, and grown in the United States of America. HempsiTM does not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (US CSA). All products contain less than .3% THC.

Organically Sourced

Hempsi is committed to excellence and hold ourselves to the highest standards, so all our products are 100% organic, non-GMO, contain no pesticides, solvents, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.

Proprietary Genetics

Our high-quality proprietary strain of hemp is virtually indistinguishable from medical cannabis, yields A-grade buds frosted with trichome crystals and CBD-rich leaves, and is bred to contain almost no THC.


Our plants are cultivated in customized environments, trimmed by hand, flash-frozen at harvest and processed using master extraction techniques to maintain a robust terpene profile and distinctive aromatics.

US-Based Safety

Grown on a family farm in northern Oregon, we oversee production from seed to shelf and are held to rigorous agricultural standards, ensuring our products are safe and legal for consumption as well as traceable.

Permaculture Cultivation

Our cannabis is grown using permaculture techniques, the gold standard in sustainable, self-sufficient, environmentally sound practices that generate high yield without any waste or harm to the planet.

Lab Tested

All our CBD oils and infused products are third-party lab tested so you can trust they are safe, high quality and of consistent purity and concentration.

What Our Customers Say

Hempsi has the highest quality CBD oil that we’ve ever purchased. Thank you.

Larry D.

Hempsi LIVE OIL is nothing short of fantastic. The robust taste and beautiful gold color combined with magnificent Cannabinoid and Terpene profiles have exceeded our expectations on every level.


Wow! That is all I can say! I really like the subtle taste of the LIVE OIL™, not real strong, just very nice and light taste.

Brandi R.


Member of

What makes Hempsi LIVE OIL different?
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Through the careful harvest, storage, and processing of delicate hemp trichomes, Hempsi preserves the widest spectrum of undisturbed cannabinoids and the full range of terpene scents and effects.

Hempsi Whole Flower LIVE OIL delivers the maximum benefit of the "entourage effect".


Hempsi Whole Flower LIVE OIL is the GOLD Standard
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It starts with carefully curated high CBD, terpene-rich USDA Certified Organic RNA® hemp exclusive to Hempsi, raised with care on a fourth-generation family farm in Oregon.

The flowers are meticulously hand-picked 15% earlier than traditional methods, as this is the apex of terpene production, giving our oil a broader profile with maximum flavor, rich aromas and a range of benefits.

The pivotal step is the immediate freezing of the flowers; within 2 hours of harvest our buds are flash frozen at negative 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Much like the fruit industry, this method immediately stops further maturity and preserves the fragile compounds, including the full range of beneficial cannabinoids, which degrade quickly when exposed to heat; and sought-after terpenes, which will evaporate.

The plants remain frozen until the Hempsi extraction lab is ready to process. We use the latest hydrocarbon extraction technology, a closed loop system with a proprietary technique which leaves zero residuals.

During extraction, the chambers reach an industry-leading negative 110 degrees Fahrenheit, gently releasing the trichomes from the flower. This method additionally eliminates the need for further filtration or winterization.

Extraction from frozen hemp has been proven to provide the highest consistency in final concentrated product output, given the elimination of variables from field to lab.

Finally, as our plant remains frozen until extraction, Hempsi can provide our Live Oil at any time of year, removing restrictions of farming cycles and keeping product fresh and consistent long after harvest.

What makes Hempsi
LIVE OIL different?
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Hempsi Whole Flower
LIVE OIL is the
GOLD Standard
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Key Facts About

Hempsi LIVE OIL is unlike anything else on the market. Our customers absolutely love it, because they actually smell, taste, and experience a REAL difference.

When it comes to CBD Oil… “LIVE IS BEST!”

Bottom line - Hempsi Whole Flower LIVE OIL is the highest-quality and most potent cannabinoid concentrate on the market. Period.

Order Hempsi LIVE OIL today, so you too can smell, taste and experience how powerful our LIVE OIL is.

You’ll love it, too. Promise.


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Premium High CBD, Full-Spectrum Extract from USDA Certified Organic, Hemp Whole Flower




Hempsi has perfected the harvest, storing and processing of delicate hemp trichomes, preserving the widest spectrum of undisturbed cannabinoids and full range of terpene scents and effects, to deliver the maximum benefit of the ‘entourage effect’.

We call this premium whole flower extract Hempsi 

Hempsi’s High CBD, Whole Flower
Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract is a Game Changer

Hempsi’s High CBD,
Whole Flower
Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract 
is a Game Changer

“The Secret is in the FREEZING!”

500mg CBD

17mg per serving




1000mg CBD

33mg per serving




1500mg CBD

50mg per serving






Hempsi Whole Flower LIVE OIL is the highest-quality
most potent cannabinoid concentrate on the market.

Try a bottle of our premium full-spectrum hemp extract LIVE OIL™. You’ll love it. Promise.

Your TOTAL Satisfaction is ABSOLUTELY Guaranteed.


Hempsi LIVE OIL -

Try a bottle of our premium full-spectrum hemp extract LIVE OIL™.
You’ll love it. Promise.

As a CBD enthusiast I want to tell you how impressed I am with Hempsi LIVE OIL.

I am formerly in the cannabis/hemp industry with a company that specialized in agricultural supplements.

I fell in love with the industry and became an avid researcher and advocate of CBD. I set out on a mission to educate people on CBD and cannabinoids.  I even started a Facebook page for education purposes.

Neal Thompson
Hempsi LIVE OIL Brand Ambassador

I also speak to groups because I want to make sure people understand the plant, the benefits, and to help eliminate the stigma of the cannabis family.

I have tried many CBD products and I find Hempsi LIVE OIL superior based upon taste, aroma, and the total entourage effect.

Your cutting-edge, clean, cold extraction is exemplary, and I have loved learning about the Hempsi™ process and philosophy.

I am a customer for life!

Neal Thompson
Hempsi LIVE OIL Brand Ambassador

Hempsi LIVE OIL is the finest quality CBD I have ever taken. I used to think all CBD oils were all the same.  But taking Hempsi LIVE OIL has changed my point of view.

Now I understand what makes it so effective, is the way the hemp is grown, harvested and produced. Hempsi LIVE OIL is also the 
most concentrated CBD I have ever used. I get a great result from just a few drops.

Katrina Nichols
Hempsi LIVE OIL Brand Ambassador

Not only will I continue to enjoy taking Hempsi LIVE OIL, I also recommend it to all my friends, because LIVE IS BEST.

Katrina Nichols
Hempsi™ LIVE OIL Brand Ambassador

For Discerning CBD Oil Users Only

Try it. You'll love it. Promise.