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Quality matters!

Look at the website of any CBD company and you will read conflicting information about the growing, harvesting, and extraction methods used to produce CBD oil. What’s true and what’s just good marketing copy?

What’s important is getting to the truth because you deserve to choose the best quality CBD for your health and well-being.

Look at the ingredient list of different CBD oils and you will notice that many are full of inferior oils like olive or avocado oil, fillers, additives and flavorings.

But the best carrier oil is actually MCT coconut oil. In fact, ideally MCT coconut oil should be the only thing added to CBD oil.

Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) coconut oil consists of smaller fat molecules than most oils, and is easily absorbed by the body. It is considered by CBD experts to be the most bioavailable and best carrier oil for CBD oil.

Here’s why…

How hemp is grown and processed for CBD oil is more important than you may realize.

It is crucial you know these significant differences. The quality of the CBD oil you consume will determine the benefits you enjoy!

Be a savvy consumer and educate yourself about what it takes for a company to produce a quality CBD oil. The top points to consider are that the hemp is organically grown, cold extracted, and has undergone third-party laboratory testing with the Certificate of Analysis available to you to review.

“If CBD oil is not made from fresh frozen whole flower of certified organic hemp, and extracted with hydrocarbon, it’s an inferior product.”

Why Certified Organic Hemp Matters

The quality of CBD oil starts with the quality of the plant, and that depends on the quality of the soil in which it is grown. Some farms remediate their soil, which lessens the quality and safety of their hemp plants.

When choosing a CBD oil to market, look for one where the hemp supply was grown on an organic farm that operates in agreement with the U.S Farm Bill and the law of its home state.

Organic is important to most CBD consumers. They want to avoid ingesting any potentially dangerous chemicals no matter what the product. Let them know the CBD oil you market is produced from organically grown hemp and you will have their attention and their loyalty.

The Hempsi Difference: Flash Frozen Hemp and Hydrocarbon Extraction

What better way to achieve the highest quality CBD oil than to lock in the very essence of the hemp plant by freezing it when it is picked at its peak of freshness. You will know you are buying the best full spectrum CBD oil when it is produced from freshly frozen hemp.

At Hempsi, the hemp flowers are frozen within 2 hours of harvest and the sudden flash freeze at the peak of their ripeness immediately halts any further maturation and maintains the robust terpene and cannabinoids in a whole way that also increases the entourage effect of the oil.

Cutting edge technology in the form of closed loop light hydrocarbon extraction is used. The final product is concentrated and fresh!

“HempsiTM utilizes a low temp and low pressure proprietary hydrocarbon extraction process to create HempsiTM extracts. Our state of the art, custom-built equipment managed by our highly trained lab technicians, provide our clients high-grade, safe extracts. Our methods are different from the majority of the industry giving us a unique, environmentally friendly way of separating cannabinoids from the hemp plant matter.”

The Entourage Effect of Cannabis

Many of the CBD products marketed today are isolate. They are cheaper to make and cheaper to buy but the consumer ends up taking more and seeking out a higher dosage as well just to get the desired effect. What you really need is the ‘entourage effect’.

As a matter of fact, many customers who try Hempsi High CBD, Whole Flower LIVE OIL for the first time realize they have been using a lesser quality product and are suddenly getting the desired effects.

Third-Party Testing

Any cannabis company that voluntarily submits to third-party testing of their products automatically elevates themselves in the industry. They are the companies you can trust and the companies that want to do their best for their customers – that’s you!

Hempsi is such a company and has every batch of extract examined by Oregon-licensed, third-party laboratories for strict testing.

This stringent testing ensures:

Hempsi Whole Flower LIVE OIL is the highest-quality and most potent cannabinoid concentrate on the market today.

Hempsi LIVE OIL is made from USDA Certified Organically grown hemp, extracted, manufactured, and tested in the U.S. The company is devoted to quality. Our farms operate in accordance with the U.S. Farm Bill and the laws of the state of Oregon.

In addition to a commitment to quality in all areas of production, Hempsi uses the best cold extraction process in the industry, which produces the highest quality hemp derived cannabinoids.

  • Highest quality
  • Potency & accuracy
  • No toxins

Hempsi Whole Flower LIVE OIL is the highest quality and most potent cannabinoid concentrate on the market.


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“The plants remain frozen until the Hempsi lab is ready to process them. We use the latest hydrocarbon extraction technology, a closed-loop system with a proprietary technique which leaves zero residuals.

During extraction, the chambers reach an industry leading negative 110 degrees Fahrenheit, gently releasing the trichomes from the flower. There is no way to replicate the smell, taste and effect of our oil you either Freeze it at harvest or it is lost forever.

This method additionally eliminates the need for further filtration or winterization. Hempsi™ whole flower LIVE OIL™ is the highest quality and most potent cannabinoid and terpene concentrate on the market today”

- Reid Stewart, Co-Founder of Hempsi

The cold extraction method Hempsi uses preserves more terpenes, which aid is the efficiency of their high CBD, whole flower LIVE OIL and helps to deliver the entourage effect.

Hempsi’s LIVE OIL contains multiple cannabinoids and a terpene profile that includes 200 to 400 bioavailable compounds. That means the consumer feels a big difference from a smaller dose.

Terpenes are the molecules that give Cannabis and other plants their unique aroma, taste and feel. They are the essential oils of the hemp plant and the key to achieving what is known as the entourage effect of cannabis.

Terpenes can only be fully maintained through freezing at harvest in order to preserve the highest number of terpenes, which are in the water of the plant. Other companies that heat their hemp destroy many of the beneficial components due to the dehydration of the plant.

Pair that with outstanding customer service and you have a winning combination.

Hempsi hemp products are made of quality ingredients that surpass all third-party testing. The freezing method and cold extraction method used keeps the vital components of the hemp flower intact and produces the very best products in the industry. You can be confident of your CBD oil when you purchase from us.

Our philosophy is to give our customers the best CBD oil possible. We know they want to order top-of-the line products. We are confident we produce the best quality CBD oil available on the market today.

What Our Customers Say

Hempsi has the highest quality CBD oil that we’ve ever purchased. Thank you.

Larry D.

Hempsi LIVE OIL is nothing short of fantastic. The robust taste and beautiful gold color combined with magnificent Cannabinoid and Terpene profiles have exceeded our expectations on every level.


Wow! That is all I can say! I really like the subtle taste of the LIVE OIL™, not real strong, just very nice and light taste.

Brandi R.

  • No pesticides
  • No heavy metals
  • No microbial contaminants

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